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The Guide to Hiring Tech Talent in 2020_iPad

The Guide to Hiring Tech Talent in 2020

Businesses are capitalizing on the growing selection of high-quality freelance talent to help them innovate more rapidly and operate more leanly. With the shift away from workers favoring traditional full-time employment, entrepreneurs now have access to the same level of expertise once afforded only to much larger organizations and enterprises. It’s clear the Future of Work is on-demand.

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6 Steps to Finding, Hiring and Optimizing Freelancers_iPad

How To Effectively Hire Freelancers: 6 Steps to the Perfect Engagement

With so many freelancers and resources to find them, the challenge often lies in how you select and optimize your engagement. Luckily, freelancers are generally easier to find and faster to hire than finding full-time employees. This guide explains the 6 steps to finding, hiring and optimizing the perfect engagement.

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The Real Cost Difference: Freelancers vs. Employees

Ever wondered the actual cost to your business when choosing between freelance help and hiring a full time employee? This guidebook illustrates the pros and cons of each from hiring, recruiting, taxes, timing and more. Download now to see which choice is right for your business, right now.

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15 Business Profiles Best Suited for Freelancer Tech Talent_iPad

15 Business Profiles Best Suited for Freelance Tech Talent

If you've considered where, when and how to scale your tech team, chances are you fall into one of these classic 15 business cases. Weighing the option of freelance help and hiring full-time employees is a common decision for most companies. Get this guide to see if your needs fit these most common use cases - and you'll find more confidence in your scaling strategy.

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How Do You Find Todays Top Tech Talent_iPad

How Do You Find Tech Talent?

As competition for tech talent heats up, learn how to get the upper hand when hiring qualified candidates. This guide walks though the hiring journey and what to focus on, from the right environment to the selection process.

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The Key to Finding the Right Tech Talent

As competition for tech talent heats up, learn how to get the upper hand when hiring qualified candidates. This guide walks though the hiring journey and what to focus on, from the right environment to the selection process.

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9 Secrets for Tech Talent Management (iPad)

9 Secrets Learned from Managing Tech Talent

Download this guide to steal these strategies for hiring and managing the best freelancers in the business. Silicon Valley has caught on to the benefits of agile tech talent, and it won’t be long before firms all around the world follow. There are experts for hire whose technical skill and creative insight can help you realize any vision you have... and it will cost far less in the long run to build it right the first time.

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Uncovering the Myth of Tech Talent Shortages

The talent is out there. Your development problems can be solved, and quickly. But you need to think outside the W-2 box. There is no talent shortage for companies willing to think about their tech talent the way they think about their outside legal counsel: The stakes are too high for sub-optimal talent.   

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Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 8.31.49 AM

The Best Approach to Agile Management

Communication is typically one of the biggest problem-areas in any tech project, especially if they are large projects that have many stakeholders and various moving parts. Agile project management (APM) methodologies are implemented every single day int the software industry to overcome these communication hurdles. 

In this guidebook we will go over quick APM tips so you can start reaping the benefits immediately. 

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How Freelancer and Technology are Changing How We Define Work

As technology evolves and lowers these costs of finding and training skilled workers, freelancers are becoming an attractive and cost effective option to increase staff on a demand basis. 

In this guidebook, we'll go over everything you need to know about how freelancers and technology can make a huge impact on your company operations.

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Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 8.31.19 AM

The Essential Pocket Guide to Leveraging Remote Workers During Coronavirus

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, few industries have been unaffected. Many companies have instituted remote policies, and while some businesses have frozen recruiting and hiring, others have continued and moved to online interviews.  In this guidebook, we’ll go over how you can use remote workers to tackle these tough times, including resolving project bottlenecks, rolling out product extension and even totally new products.

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Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 9.13.29 AM

How to Use Remote Work to Your Advantage During Coronavirus

As employees begin adjusting to new work-remote policies during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s natural to encounter a few challenges with productivity and/or communication. However, with the economic slowdown and the pandemic forcing employees to work remotely for an indeterminate amount of time, many business leaders are concerned about the long-term effects on their business.

In this guidebook, we’ll go over how you can turn remote work into an advantage during this unprecedented time.

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