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The Freelance Revolution: Why Companies Must Consider Freelancers

Businesses are capitalizing on the growing selection of high-quality freelance talent to help them innovate more rapidly and operate more leanly. With the shift away from workers favoring traditional full-time employment, entrepreneurs now have access to the same level of expertise once afforded only to much larger organizations and enterprises. It’s clear the Future of Work is on-demand.

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How To Effectively Hire Freelancers: 6 Steps to the Perfect Engagement

With so many freelancers and resources to find them, the challenge often lies in how you select and optimize your engagement. Luckily, freelancers are generally easier to find and faster to hire than finding full-time employees. This guide explains the 6 steps to finding, hiring and optimizing the perfect engagement.

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The Real Cost Difference: Freelancers vs. Employees

Ever wondered the actual cost to your business when choosing between freelance help and hiring a full time employee? This guidebook illustrates the pros and cons of each from hiring, recruiting, taxes, timing and more. Download now to see which choice is right for your business, right now.

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15 Business Use Cases Best Suited for Freelancer Tech Talent

If you've considered where, when and how to scale your tech team, chances are you fall into one of these classic 15 business cases. Weighing the option of freelance help and hiring full-time employees is a common decision for most companies. Get this guide to see if your needs fit these most common use cases - and you'll find more confidence in your scaling strategy.

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