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The Startup Founder's Complete Hiring Handbook

Today's hiring landscape for startup companies is unlike ever before, and comes with a greater-than-ever emphasis on "staying lean." Download this guidebook to learn how:

  • hiring the wrong full time employee can cost more than money
  • to find quality talent for your team
  • renting freelancers buys time
  • ... and so much more!

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The Real Cost Difference 2.0

The Real Cost Difference: Freelancers vs. FTEs

Let’s say you have a new project that will take exactly one year to build and launch. Two development options are on the table:
1. Hire a full-time, senior software engineer for $135,000 per year
2. Hire a senior freelancer for $150 per hour

What's the right move? Here's the bottom line.


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Guide to Hiring Freelance Talent in 2020

The four biggest reasons why freelancers stand out as the ultimate answer to hiring in 2020 -- and why building out a fleet of expert talent could be the reason some companies survive to see 2021, while their competitors do not.

Hint: it's not just because freelancers are already accustomed to working remotely.


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The 6 Step Guide to Hiring Top Freelancers

With so many freelancers on the market, the challenge has become finding, vetting, and landing the best of the best. Sifting through resumes and profiles is no small task – it’s not easy! But fortunately, when done correctly, hiring top freelancers can be much more accessible (and cheaper) than hiring full-time employees.


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Busting the Myth of the Tech Talent Shortage

At 10x Management, we negotiate payment terms for some of the top coders in the world. We place elite technologists (developers, UX/UI, data scientists, etc.) into projects that are simply too important for our customer companies to risk on technologists who don’t have the chops, drive, communication skills, or vision to build world class technology.


Here's the reality of finding the best tech talent when speed to market is crucial.


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Case Study: Re-Architecting a Product for FireEye

Learn how partnering with 10x helped FireEye unveil a product they had worked tirelessly to re-architect. From the process requirements, the 10x process, and more - read on and dive in! 


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15 Use Cases Best Suited For Freelance Tech Talent

Do any of these cases sound familiar? If so, it's time for your team to start looking into freelancers vs FTEs for relevant projects. Download the guide and dive into 15 use cases best suited for freelance tech talent.


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The 10x mission is simple...

Match the greatest freelance tech talent in the world with companies looking to grow, scale and perfect their development.


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Check out some of our 10xer profiles!

Meet Greg, a United States Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award-Winning, senior Python & Javascript developer.

Meet Pieter, a 15 year software-engineer veteran, technologist, architect, and entrepreneur.

Meet Idan, a former Tech Officer in the Israel Defense Forces and 15-year software veteran specializing in full-stack mobile and web products.Let's Talk

Read more about our process and check out our full list of skills.

Looking for Tech Talent on Demand? 

Our talented contractors are experts in every way you need to launch and grow your company.

10x is an agency representing the world’s best freelance developers, data scientists, blockchain experts, designers, app specialists & more. Top companies trust 10xers to solve their biggest tech challenges.


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