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Take the Mystery Out of Bringing On Freelancers

We aren't recruiters. We aren't a temp agency. We are a talent agency for some of the best and brightest programmers, designers, developers and technologiests in the world. We ONLY work with freelancers and with the companies that hire them. In our 5 years as the leading tech talent agency in the world, we've learned a few things that distinguish those companies that are ready to work with freelancers and those that aren't. 

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  • How to screen candidates and choose the best freelancers
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Whether or not you are ready to hire someone, there's no better time than today to prepare for when you are. Not having the proper processes in place wastes time and money. Avoid these simple mistakes after downloading this white paper with tons of free tips for getting ready to work with freelancers.

There's no better time to get your company ready for working wtih Freelancers!